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Whether employed by end user equipment operators or an EPC firm, GDNP Solutions can provide full service, third party inspection support throughout every stage of manufacturing for your rotating equipment. 

All of GDNP Solutions's Certified Weld Inspectors (CWIs) are certified to AWS D1.1 but are also knowledgeable in AWS D14.6, specific to the welding of rotating assemblies. GDNP Solutions can be present during all spot witness points for equipment  welding. Review and approval of vendor weld procedures is also available. Contact GDNP Solutions for weld inspections to alternative standards such as API 1104.

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For rotating equipment, a good rotor balance is fundamental to not only passing factory mechanical testing, but also for reliable operation once the equipment is installed in the field. The GDNP Solutions team has extensive understanding of the balancing requirements of ISO 21940, as well as the balance requirements covered in a wide range of API standards for specific rotating equipment. For an EPC firm with witnessed balancing requirements in a project or for an owner/operator that just wants peace of mind, GDNP Solutions is the perfect choice. Review and approval of vendor balancing procedures is also available.

Technician or engineer recording data vibration measurement of motor or equipment in power

The mechanical test is the end result, but GDNP Solutions understands the many phases of assembly that contribute along the way - from the sub base rigidity, all the way through to the motor shimming and the shaft alignment. When the fully-assembled equipment is tested, GDNP Solutions inspectors are not just there to witness a mechanical test, they are there with the knowledge to make sure that the end product has been put together to ensure successful operation in the field. In addition, review and approval of vendor mechanical testing procedures is available. 

Should a witnessed sound test of tested equipment also be required, inspectors at GDNP Solutions have extensive experience and knowledge of ISO Standards 3740/44/46 and ANSI/AMCA Standard 300-14 noise testing specifications. Review and approval of vendor sound testing procedures is also available.

Impeller part disassembly of vertical turbine pump with PT test..jpg

GDNP Solutions can witness Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) of welds with Certified Weld Inspectors (CWIs) who will be able to pass or fail the inspected welds per the applicable code standards. 


For witnessed NDT inspections of forged or cast components, such as pump casings or large shafts, GDNP Solutions can provide third party inspection services. If needed, GDNP Solutions can provide inspectors qualified to ASNT standards to both witness inspections as well as review and approve vendor procedures.

For specialty applications with alloy materials, GDNP Solutions can also witness all vendor Positive Material Inspections (PMI) test points.

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For experienced inspectors that understand what is happening during the performance testing of the purchased rotating equipment, come to GDNP Solutions. With in-depth knowledge of wide ranging API and ASME standards for rotating equipment and their associated ISO specifications for performance testing, such as ISO 9906 and 1217, you can be confident that the equipment purchased will meet the rated conditions once installed and in operation in the field. Furthermore, the GDNP Solutions team has thorough knowledge of both AMCA 203 and 210 performance testing standards for fans. Review and approval of vendor performance testing procedures is also available.

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For large packaged compressors, GDNP Solutions can perform a full range of final inspection activities to ensure that all aspects of a project are covered. GDNP Solutions' inspectors are very familiar with auxiliary lube oil systems and all the components that go into making these systems work satisfactorily. 

In conjunction with lube oil system checks, GDNP Solutions can be available to carry out  or witness a multitude of inspection activities including, but not limited to:

  - System Pneumatic Tests

  - System Flushing 

  - P+ID Walk Throughs

  - Electrical Continuity Checks

  - Junction Box Wiring Checks

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