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Oil​ refinery​ and​  plant and tower column of Petrochemistry industry in oil​ and​ gas​ ​

GDNP Solutions can help select the correct and most economical technology solution. Whether it is a new system design or an existing system going through an upgrade, GDNP Solutions can review the process data and provide informed advice on the best rotating equipment to install into the system considering both capital and operating expenditures.

FPSO is Floating Production Storage and Offloading facility located at offshore oil field.

For projects with strict specification requirements, GDNP Solutions can review all equipment supplier documents to ensure compliance with project requirements. GDNP Solutions brings the knowledge and experience to review technical documents specific to the rotating field that engineers of other disciplines are typically unfamiliar with. Examples of document review that GDNP Solutions can assist with include, but are not limited to; performance curves; lateral critical and torsional analysis studies; impeller finite element analysis; general arrangement drawings; vendor weld documentation, NDE and factory testing procedures; package P+ID and assembly drawings.

Offshore Industry oil and gas production petroleum pipeline..jpg

With in-depth knowledge of API, ASME and PIP specifications, GDNP Solutions can take any process data and prepare a requisition to ensure that the correct rotating equipment is purchased. For EPC's that require multiple vendor considerations to help drive down overall project costs, GDNP Solutions can review all the quotes received to ensure that a like-for-like vendor comparison is completed prior to the release of any purchase order.

Gas storage sphere tanks and pipeline in oil and gas refinery industrial plant with glitte

Manufacturing rotating equipment involves multiple processes and steps with the purchase of multiple sub-vendor components that become part of the overall package assembly. As a result, rotating equipment purchases are often on the critical path of any large process installation. With the specific knowledge of how rotating packages are assembled, GDNP Solutions is ideally suited to be an effective expeditor for any project. With extensive manufacturing experience, GDNP Solutions is able to challenge a vendor on the accuracy of their schedule and provide genuine early warnings of any possible delays.

Natural gas production plant in the Waddensea area with pipe line valves.jpg

GDNP Solutions is ready and able to be a start-to-finish project partner. From the initial process data review, all the way through to the final inspection of the rotating equipment, GDNP Solutions can be a partner every step of the way.

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